Hello, there!

 I have found
the connection to everywhere, everything, and everyone
is found on the greatest journey
which is the one within .

My background


I have been a nurse/nurse practitioner for 20 years with the bulk of my career spent in Women’s Health, Labor and Delivery and Education. It has been both my honor and privilege to witness the depth, breadth and dimension of the human experience through this lens. To stand next to birth, death, illness and injury and observe the joy, the heartache, the suffering and frustration. To feel our fragile human nature alongside the enormous capacity of the human heart to transform and heal. To learn that there is an intricate connection between body, mind, emotion and spirit and that we are much more powerful than we believe.  

It has been challenging to work in a system that divides the human experience into organs and parts giving little credence to emotion, belief and spirituality. I have observed a lack of space to support the unraveling of limiting beliefs as a mechanism for deep healing at the core. Through my time in the medical model, I began to connect the dots between experiences, the operating belief and emotional and physical health. This spurred my own desire to look inward and gain insight, education and experience in energy healing, spiritual psychology and transformation.

My own lifelong dedication to transformation really got rolling as I entered the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2012. It was an epic and continued unraveling of patterns and conditioning that limited authentic expression and my ability to live WHOLE heartedly. It was a deep dive into the rough waters of unresolved within me that began by asking the Divine to “show me what blocks my heart”. Through this intensive 4-year program, I studied the human energy field, energy healing and spiritual psychology. I learned and experienced it is through integration of shadows and unresolved experiences that “unblocks” the heart. And that we not only connect to higher aspects of self and the Divine, but we embody them.


To bring spirit into matter. To bring the formless through the form. This is a full being experience that alters genetic expression, neurologic, biochemical, emotional, thought and belief structures. And there is no greater metaphor for this alchemy than bringing life into this world.

It is my longing to support this process of integration and clearing while accessing higher aspects of self. To be a guide, mentor and friend as we gather in circle to remember.

YOU are bringing Heaven to Earth

We are changing. Many speak of how humanity is in a “shift”. And this is true. Humanity is evolving into higher levels of consciousness to activate a new cycle of spiritual evolution. We are literally birthing a new world thru individual and collective transformation.

It’s a process that is nothing short of the alchemy of changing lead to GOLD.

It has been in awe and reverence that I have witnessed the consciousness that is entering the world thru childbirth. As you may know, different waves of children have entered the world to support our evolution over time. The most recent wave comes here without a veil between this world and the Divine. They radiate so much love, light and wisdom and are important for bringing in conscious systems and technologies in the future. They do not understand separation, duality or competition and require conscious parenting, education and nutrition to support them to THRIVE. 

What I have also witnessed, is that the parents of these children are also clearing patterns, conditioning and programming to expand the heart and literally hold more light in preparation for conception. A new parenting paradigm is emerging from this process. It is no small task and I acknowledge the courage it requires to birth this light. You have everything you need to accomplish this inside of your infinite heart.


“Being pregnant you suddenly have a reason to be an example. Then you realize that deeply knowing yourself not only benefits your child, but the entire universe.”


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